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Dan at MAX USA
Sun Jun 03 2012, 10:52AM

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A repost of my reply to a facebook post...

Ha Ha, Yes my customers inform me of their posts regularly and I don't really care about the crap talk. Im sure our competitors would want nothing more than to have the rebadged china products theory be true so that they could buy & rebadge the parts to be their own. We make 4 of our 175 part numbers in China. We work with international specialists in forging, CNC, welding, plating etc. We manage the production of each component separately and most of these specialist factories have never seen our complete assemblies. Revealing all the details about our partners in production would just lead to competitors bothering them therefore proof of where each component is made is just not going to happen. So I apologize if that makes MAX an enigma.

We don't share everything publicly but in most ways MAX is more forthcoming than any brand in the market about what we do to bring original parts to life. Our parts are more a two way conversation with customers than another logo on an existing item you can get elsewhere. MAX is an original parts company whose items are thoughtfully created, managed and sold by drifters for our fellow enthusiasts.

Our customers seem to really understand and appreciate what we do, they are involved in our original parts process on our public forum, they bring their cars in for measuring sessions and help us test new designs to make sure they get the parts they want and need. We also work with many professional drivers to further refine the specifications. Thanks goes out to all of our friends who choose to get involved in our process to make more and better original parts available to the community.
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Mon Jun 04 2012, 06:12PM
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all i have to say is:

how many PBM cars do you see in formula D versus someone like godspeed or megan? and how sucessfull are they?

Just let the track and cars do the talking
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Wed Jun 13 2012, 05:27AM
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i could give a shit less about where it comes from,as long as its quality. Im sill hard up on saying PBM is an American company(look at all the test cars.......)
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Dan at MAX USA
Wed Jun 13 2012, 11:34AM

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We certainly do the lions share of the work because we can afford to since our main market in the USA is relatively big. Because the Japan branch cant service english speaking customers we also service most international sales with exception of MAX Japan (servicing Japan) and Asia pacific serviced exclusively through MAX NZ. All of the USA money goes back into development. Parts Shop MAX was founded in Japan by Eisuke Kawamori.
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Tue Jun 19 2012, 09:27AM
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i could draw up a million conspiracy theorys here.

all i know is MAX IS THE SHIT !!!! end of convo

[ Edited Wed Jun 20 2012, 12:01PM ]
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