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Sun Sep 23 2012, 10:18AM
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hey there Dan, i'll appreciate if you could help me out.

i have some question if u dont mind:

1- for the Steering Rack Eccentric Bushing:

now if i want to run more caster for drifting of course!! will these effect the car in anyway . since on ur website it says for cars with stock caster or less than stock caster, should i run poly bushing with more caster?

2- if u refer to the pic of the car jacked up in the air , is that normal for the competition coilovers ? Shouldn't they drop if the car is raised? The front ones are dropped the rear are as you see in the pic

3- The DIY steering angle mod:

i got ur FLCA/ tension rod , how will the lock stop on the FLCA work with the DIY kit, do i need to mod it since the lock stop on the FLCA is not touching knuckle after the angle mod.

another thing do i need to extend ( using the adjustment ) the FLCA a bit for the DIY steering angle kit to work with the rack and the tie rods?

im sorry for ALL the question just wanted to clarify things.

let me know thanks

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Mon Sep 24 2012, 11:08AM
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you have the comp front lower control arm tension rod set up right ??? also have you done the alignment yet ??????

the rear looks right there is much much less travel in coilovers over stock. so this looks normal.. with the knucle mod and the front you really want to run stock ish caster. this will cause a much flatter contact patch at full lock allowing more control up front. so you can stay on throtle and not hat the front end push....

these kits are designed for the max grip and angle. caster was a crutch from the good old days imho
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Dan at MAX USA
Tue Sep 25 2012, 09:49AM

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1. it helps no matter what your setting is. the caster range comment is to help customers decide if they should get the rack bushings or tie rod offset spacers.

2. did you set your ride height yet in they picture? S13 rear dampers are much shorter stroke than the front.

3. cut the bump stop and reposition. we used to not include one or charge $50 to add stops, but now we include one for the PRO knuckle and if it does not work with your setting, at least the structure is there for you to reposition, and we do not charge anything for the feature
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Tue Sep 25 2012, 01:58PM
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Thanks Dan!
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