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Dan at MAX USA
Thu Mar 19 2009, 03:01PM

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Thu Mar 19 2009, 05:32PM
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Drift Heaven Magazine Apr, Pg40~41

Rear member rigid mount.

if you don't want to raise your car 1cm, raise your subframe 1cm. At 3up, we often see S13 and S14 with blown subframe bushings on customers cars. people try to put subframe collar to cover up their blown bushings but it actually doesn't do anything. Your subframe still moves around like crazy. Here at 3up, we rigid mount subframe by welding donut shaped washers straight to the bushing and the subframe.(its the cheapest way) Its a really effective modification for lowered cars since it kills multiple birds with one stone. More direct feeling in the rear, helps your axle angle, suspension geometry, don't have to worry about the bushing wearing out, gives you more room to tuck the exhaust system. its safe to raise the subframe up 1cm. you can raise 2cm but you might have trouble with E-brake cables.

Rigid mount Boobie traps
#1 Since the subfrme goes up higher than the stock structure, on S14 and S15 the differential bolts are gonna be hard to get to. you would need to find a perfect size socket or drop your subframe a little to get to it.

#2 Since the subframe goes toward the frame, especially RUCAs mounting point gets close to the frame. You would need an after market RUCAS thats designed for more clearance. You can hammer up that part of the frame to get more clearance also.

#3 E-brake cable gets really close to the drive shaft. You can fab a new bracket or try to bend it to gain more clearance.

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