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Mon Jun 16 2008, 11:52AM
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Since I'm on the roll,,,,

Apr 2008, page46~47

Bolt on s15 parts on S13 and 14

-Turbo(it can handle up to 350hp)
-Injectors(480cc compare to s13 14's 370cc) it can handle up to 300hp
-Fuel pump(140Liter compare to 135Lon S13 14) it can handle up to 300hp (hit up S 15 owner when he gets the GTR pump.)
-6speed Transmission(5cm longer, so you have to get the drive shaft and tranny mount from S15 also to use it)
-Motor(250hp stock)
-Rear subframe (19.6kg compare to21Kg onS13) It's also designed to give you more traction and 10mm wider than S13's. (if you wannat put it on S14, no mod needed, but on S13, you have to get the special subframe collar from Yanak.$200)
-Front floor bar (help stiffn the chassis)
-Rear cros bar (help stiffn the chassis)
-Trunk bar (help stiffn the chassis)
-S15 dash board ( its not 100%bolt on but its easy to put it in, you can put the meter panel as well as steering column.)

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Wed Jun 18 2008, 07:35PM
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Yeah, find me a left hand drive dash...
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Stewart Leask
Fri Jan 02 2009, 08:32AM
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they made them in malaysia iirc, aftermarket companies made exact oem replicas in LHD spec. some of the dudes in china had them i thought? iunno maybe somebody else will remember

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Dan at MAX USA
Fri Jan 02 2009, 12:02PM

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The dude in china that had the top secret S15 LHD in WDS this year cut the cluster, and put it on the other side, and then re-upholstered the dash and the rest of the interior was stripped.
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